3D imaging editor & viewer.
3D Medical Imaging Tools is a software platform for medical image processing, and three-dimensional visualization.
3D imaging editor & viewer


3D Medical Imaging Tools provides functionalities for segmentation, registration and three-dimensional visualization of multimodal image data, as well as advanced image analysis algorithms. Standard image file formats are supported ('STL, 'DICOM, NIfTI').
3D Medical Imaging Tools is extended to enable development of both interactive and batch processing tools for a variety of applications.

3D Medical Imaging Tools capabilities include:
  • Handling DICOM images and reading/writing a variety of other formats
  • Interactive visualization of volumetric Voxel images, polygonal meshes, and volume renderings
  • Manual editing
  • Fusion and co-registering of data using rigid and non-rigid algorithms
  • Automatic image segmentation

  • The license has no restrictions on use of the software in academic or commercial projects. However, no claims are made on the software being useful for any particular task. It is entirely the responsibility of the user to ensure compliance with local rules and regulations. 3D Medical Imaging Tools has not been formally approved for clinical use by the FDA in the US or by any other regulatory body elsewhere.

    3D Medical Imaging Tools is compiled for use on multiple computing platforms, including Windows and Linux.

    3D Medical Imaging Tools- slicer

    Module: DICOM anonymous converter

    The DICOM anonymous converter modifies the following identifying attributes in the value of 'Anonymous', in
    a manner that preserves temporal relationships:

    Study Description

    Patient ID
    Patient's Name
    Patient's Birth Date
    Patient's Sex
    Patient's Size
    Patient's Weight
    Patient Comments

    Institution Name
    Institution Address

    Referring Physician's Name
    Performing Physician's Name

    DICOM anonymous converter

    Module: 3D Visualisation

    Medical image segmentation is often an important step in medical image analysis. This module is an easy way to convert medical imaging scan (DICOM, NifTi) to a 3D model.

    Automatic 3D Visualisation

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